Twin Lakes Management Company

Houseboat Owner Information

House Boat on full lake
Houseboat on Lake McClure


General Information:

Boatyard & Mooring Service Rates & Fees Effective July 22, 2019 (PDF) 

2019 Mobile Pump-out Schedule (PDF)  Because of an increased demand we have opened and addional day every week for pumpouts beginning 07-24-19 and running until the demand slows.  Pump-outs will be performed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please call Jim Kayser for appointment.  Additionally, we will no longer be providing emergency pump-outs.

Hitch Configuration (PDF)

Current Houseboat Policies (PDF)

Mooring Agreement (PDF)

Boatyard Scope of Work (PDF)

Boatyard Services Contract (PDF)

Harbors and Navigation Code (PDF)

Barrett Cove Marina Hours
As of September 4, 2019:
Monday through Friday - CLOSED
Saturday and Sunday - 8:30 to 4:00   


New Barge Naming Contest  -  Winner is Brett Surdich from Franklin Yard!
The name will be the M.V. Dos Lagos.  Congratulations, Brett!


Contact Telephone Numbers:

Pump-out Requests, & Slip Rentals - Jim Kayser - 209-354-2951

Mooring Questions - Ross Hollinger - 209-354-2945

Invoice/Statement Payments - Jim Kayser - 209-354-2951

Boatyard - Todd Catt - 209-354-2958

Barrett Cove Marina - Steve Marquette - 209-378-2435 (only during season - April through September)