Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a pump out?
A. You may contact the Mooring Crew at 209-201-9115 and request to be placed on the list for mobile pump out.  You may also pump out at the marina at no charge by calling the same number for an appointment.  Mobile pump-out service always is predicated on availability of the crew. Should extenuating circumstances, such as weather, lake conditions, or work load, prevent us from performing the service any time, those on the list for that day will be notified as soon as practicable.  The current pump-out schedule and conditions are posted hereWe no longer provide emergency pump-outs.

Q. What are the marina/café hours?
A. The hours change during the summer and shoulder seasons (Spring/Fall). The current hours are posted on the marina door and on the TLMC website here.  You may call the marina directly at 209-378-2435 between the first weekend in April and last weekend in September (the marina is temporarily closed due to low water conditions).

.Q. How do I ask about or pay an invoice?
A. Contact Marie Janz at 209-354-2951 ( and she will help you.

Q. What forms of payment do you take?
A. Cash, check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Q. What happens if I can’t make my mooring payment all at once?
A. There are options we offer to assist with that. All mooring payments are due on July 1st of each year and become late on July 20th. We have three payment options: annual, quarterly, and monthly. Please call Marie Janz at 209-354-2951 ( for details.

Q. I want to sell my houseboat. What should I do first?
A. Contact Danielle Gray, MID Parks Coordinator at 209-354-2954 ( and she will give you all the information you need for satisfying MID’s transfer requirements.

Q. How do I get rid of furniture, BBQ’s, construction rubbish, etc?
A. We do not accept anything other than household garbage.  All other discards must be removed from MID premisis by the permit holder or the contractor.

Q. How much spacing is supposed to be between houseboats?
A. The spacing between houseboats depends on the lengths of the adjacent houseboats. There is 120’ between the centers of the houseboat buoys and 80’ between the first and last houseboat buoys and the 60” service buoys on each end of the lines. Ex: if your houseboat is 56’ and your hitch is 2’ (58’ total), and the houseboat next to you is 53’ and the hitch is 3’ (56’ total) you will have 6’ (120’– 58’–56’ = 6’) between you and the other houseboat when the wind is calm and the boats swing toward one another. If you have a 6’ swim platform that is down or a ski boat tied behind your houseboat while you are on the buoy the houseboats will likely contact each other.

Q. Do you have shuttle service to our houseboats?
A. We do not provide a shuttle service.

Q. Who do I call if I have a break-in, observe nuisance or illegal activity, or if there’s a medical or other emergency?
A. You need to call the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office at 209-966-6315, or 9-1-1 in case of emergency. TLMC does not provide enforcement or emergency services of any kind.

Q. How do I get a copy of the current Houseboat Policies or Mooring Agreement?
A. You may find a current copies of the MID – PARKS DEPARTMENT LAKE McCLURE HOUSEBOAT POLICIES and TLMC’s Mooring Agreement here.

Q. I need to have work done on my houseboat. Who do I call?
A. If you plan to do work on your houseboat on the water you need to contact Danielle Gray, MID Parks Coordinator at 209-354-2954 ( Have a list of what you want to do ready and we can guide you from there. If you need to come out of the water and go to the boatyard, contact Jason Munoz at 209-354-2958 ( and he will assist you.

Q. What do I do if I want someone else to work on my houseboat?
A. MID and TLMC have specific insurance requirements for anyone providing work on a houseboat on District property or within TLMC areas of responsibility.  Before you enlist someone to come up and work on your houseboat please contact Danielle Gray, MID Parks Coordinator at 209-354-2954 ( for more information.

Q. What do I do if I want to switch buoy locations?
A. Call Marie Janz at 209-354-2951 ( and she will place you on a waiting list for the particular location in which you are interested. If you know someone who is willing to switch with you, and you decide to do so, contact Marie and let her know so she can change the buoy maps to reflect that switch.